5 Applications for Unique Decorative Concrete

You want your personal aesthetic to be reflected in your home—both inside and out. From the paint color on your walls inside, to the landscaping in the backyard, it’s nice to have control over your design choices. That’s why using decorative concrete for outdoor living areas is so popular. The customization means you’ll always get a one-of-a-kind look!

Ideas for Decorative Concrete

When you hear concrete contractors say “the sky’s the limit,” that’s really not an exaggeration. Homeowners have all sorts of options for customizing their decorative concrete projects. Having the right team to guide you and help with your design keeps the process streamlined and fun. Here, we’ll break down the different categories of decorative concrete to help you consider all of the possibilities.


1. Stamped Concrete

The cost of building materials quickly adds up with home improvement projects. If you want to use cobblestone, slate, or even wood in your outdoor living area design, it’s usually more efficient to go with stamped concrete instead. The versatility of concrete lets you mimic the look and feel of just about any high-end building material for a lot less.

2. Colored Concrete

Your concrete contractors can even stain your concrete to get beautiful and unique tones and hues. There’s no reason to stick with basic gray if you want something else. Opting for colored concrete is a great fit for any aesthetic, from modern to traditional, or even an old-world style.

3. Exposed Aggregate

If you want to focus more on texture, go with exposed aggregate concrete. Usually this involves small pebbles or pea gravel. But the right team can use just about any aggregate material to create an attractive design for your concrete patio, sidewalks, or even your pool deck.

4. Complementary Styles

Using different methods for decorative concrete into one design can really turn your project into something special. Adding a distinct border to your pool deck or concrete patio can give your design more depth and interest. You don’t have to use the same type of stamp or even the same color of concrete for every part of your project.

5. Stay Practical

Maybe all you need is a nice broom finish for your concrete. Nothing fussy, just quality concrete. That’s fine too. An intricate stamped concrete design or rich tone with concrete stain may not be necessary if you already have a lot of detailed work happening elsewhere in your outdoor living space.


Lunar Concrete is Here to Help!

Whether you already have your ideal design in mind or you need help brainstorming, our team at Lunar Concrete can work with you every step of the way to bring those dreams to life. We take pride in the fact that we know how to blend our clients’ vision with the overall design of their home. The best decorative concrete work will both complement and elevate everything you already love about your property.

It’s never too early to start designing your new-and-improved outdoor living area, and we can even pour concrete in winter. Visit our contact page so we can answer your questions and get your initial consultation scheduled. Let’s get your project done right!