Exclusively Serving New Home Builder

Concrete is the foundation of every new home. New home builders need more than a solid foundation; they need a concrete contractor they can trust.

When you work with Lunar Companies, we want you to know that your expectations will be exceeded. We handle every project as if it were our own. Lunar Companies will ensure that your project is finished on time and that no detail is overlooked. When quality comes first, consider Lunar Companies for any of the following services on your next build:


Our experience and expertise allow us to prep the lot, dig, and pour the footings for new home construction. Keeping inspectors happy and projects on time.



Walls follow and since we perform all our work, and own all the forms and equipment, we can keep a tight schedule to complete these items back to back. 


Once under slab plumbing is complete. Our slab crew preps and pours the new home slab.


Exterior Flatwork Concrete

Our work isn’t over yet; once the house is built to the point that exterior concrete is needed, we are back on-site to help. 

Lunar Companies has the man power, equipment and expertise to stick to your schedule and get the home to close on time.