Can You Pour Concrete in Winter?

Many people associate construction work with sunny days and warm weather. But in reality, you can schedule all types of projects during the winter months. Getting your concrete poured while it’s still cold outside isn’t only possible, it happens to come with a handful of benefits for your timeline.

Concrete Work During Cold Weather

There are a few key reasons why homeowners and builders might opt to pour concrete in winter. The first one is that you don’t usually have to wait long to break ground. Your local concrete company will probably be able to get out and see you sooner this time of year than those “busy” seasons. And if you can save time now, it’s worth calling to check your contractor’s availability.

Another reason to finish your concrete projects in winter is that you’ll be able to enjoy your new feature right when the sun starts to really shine. Whether it’s that new decorative concrete for your pool deck or beautiful colored concrete for your entryway, taking care of those home remodels now will help you have a hassle-free spring, summer, and fall.

Helpful Tips for Concrete Pouring

Of course, it’s still important to realize that a few additional steps are required when pouring concrete in winter. For starters, you can’t actually pour concrete directly onto frozen ground. This is where heaters, concrete blankets, or black plastics come into play. These tools help warm the ground whenever the conditions are a little too chilly. Otherwise, the thawing ground could cause the new concrete to crack later on. Experienced concrete workers will know how to track these temperature changes so the end result is exactly how you want it. Paying attention to quality upfront will help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

The other thing to watch for is the set times. Cold weather often increases the amount of time your concrete needs to cure. Moreover, you’ll have to pay close attention to the temperatures to make sure the concrete itself doesn’t freeze early on. Those early stages after pouring are critical for strengthening your concrete. But again, as long as you have a skilled team helping you out, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Get the Right Concrete Crew for the Job

We face plenty of cold-weather days here in the Midwest—and especially in Indiana—yet that doesn’t stop our team at Lunar Concrete from getting projects done right. We work year-round to get all of your concrete needs taken care of, and we’re proud to serve homeowners, home builders, and other contractors. If you’re ready to move forward, we are too!

Hiring a company to pour concrete in the middle of winter is a great way to beat the rush of a backlogged work schedule later on. While everyone else is hoping to get their concrete slabs or stamped concrete walkways installed later in the year, why not jump ahead in line and finish your project before the temperatures warm up? Our team can help. Please send us a message to learn more about our process.