Concrete Patio Affordability: Function and Style

There are a lot of reasons why everyone can appreciate a great backyard. Maybe your kids like having extra space to run around. Or maybe you’re getting into gardening or having a good time improving your lawncare efforts this year. But there might still be something missing. What about grilling on the weekend? Kicking back in a lounge chair and enjoying the breeze or the sun?

To really take full advantage of your property, you need an outdoor living space. Of course, you don’t want to break the bank to make that happen. That’s why a lot of homeowners decide to go with a concrete patio over a deck. Working with a concrete contractor can help you maximize your budget and customize the design details to get an end result you really love.


What Makes Concrete the Better Choice?

As with any new investment for your home, it’s only natural to be budget-conscious when considering your options for an outdoor living area. Fortunately, opting for a concrete patio will help you out. While deck builders can deliver some beautiful final products, the labor and material costs definitely add up. Concrete is widely regarded as the most cost-efficient solution. With concrete, you get a backyard feature that’s both attractive and high-quality:

  • Affordable material
  • Lower costs for labor
  • Better square-footage
  • Easier maintenance
  • Lots of customization

If you have the space for a large patio, concrete is usually the way to go. Because it’s a more affordable building material, concrete lets you make the most out of your backyard setup. Plus, it’s built to last. Even with minor cleanup and care over the years, concrete patios are known for holding up for decades. That means you get a great return on your investment.


Favorite Concrete Patio Design Features

When comparing decks to concrete patios, the main distinction is that you can customize concrete to mimic all sorts of other high-quality materials. You don’t need to pay for expensive stone or even lumber to get that same look for your patio. It all comes down to working with an experienced concrete contractor.

The right team will be able to give you any type of decorative concrete pattern you want. Stamped concrete works for just about every aesthetic. Love the look of slate? Want to go with a bold pattern without the high cost of tile? In a lot of ways, the sky is the limit. No two decorative concrete patios are quite the same. You can choose from exposed aggregate for a unique texture, or go with colored concrete to help complement the style of your home. Concrete makes it easy to add your own personal touch.


Looking for a Concrete Contractor?

You want an affordable outdoor living environment, but that doesn’t mean you want to cut corners on quality. Taking the time to design a thoughtful layout with your concrete contractor can help you get everything you want. They may even have some ideas for you that you hadn’t considered before.

At Lunar Concrete, we work with homeowners through every stage of the process. From the initial consult to assess your property, through the design, construction, and quality checks along the way, we’re known throughout the greater Indianapolis area for delivering a superior product. The time you spend in your backyard should be relaxing. Let us help you create that perfect setting where you’ll be able to enjoy all the best weather.