Decorative Concrete That’s Inspired by Nature

The days of basic concrete patios are long gone. Today, concrete contractors have an unlimited set of skills to help you get the beautiful space you want. Your backyard should be designed just as thoughtfully as the inside of your home, and the versatility of concrete lets you capture the right mood. With an experienced team, you can even pull inspiration from natural design elements like wood and stone for a truly one-of-a-kind result.


Why Go with Decorative Concrete?

When you choose to work with decorative concrete, you really have endless options for your outdoor living areas. Because concrete is so versatile, any “out of the box” ideas can actually be more achievable—and affordable—than you might think. You don’t need to stick with just one building material for your project. With concrete, you’ll be able to mimic any sort of high-end product to get a design that perfectly complements your home and personal style.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in modern architecture or you have a more natural, organic design sense. Concrete lets you utilize all sorts of patterns, and that’s what makes it so fun. We use decorative concrete to create unique textures for walkways, patios, and more. Plus, concrete is extremely durable, so it can last much longer than a typical wood deck or cobblestone path. You essentially get free reign over your design, and all at a great price!


Finding Inspiration from Nature

Homeowners who are interested in a more natural look for their patio and other concrete projects will often want to review the various options available with stamped concrete. Some of the most popular nature-inspired stamped concrete options include:

  • Slate texture
  • Rough stone
  • Cobblestone
  • Sand matrix
  • Wood planks

Being able to apply specific shapes and textures to your concrete lets you get the best features of materials like cobblestone, slate, and classic wood without the high costs. Once you know what kind of material you want your decorative concrete to look like, you can start to think about what pattern you might need. Stamped concrete can be arranged in all of the traditional layouts, such as London cobble or a nice European fan. Then again, you might prefer a nature-inspired design that keeps things simple. For example, your stamped stone concrete could be slightly more random, or the stamped wood planks could have stained concrete colors that are subdued to better suit the rest of your home.


Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience!

Every part of your home should reflect your lifestyle. This starts right at your home’s entryway where you welcome family and guests, throughout every room, and of course, into your backyard. Adding your personal touch to each one of these spaces is a great way to show you take pride in your home. And with a custom outdoor living area, you’re able to enjoy everything that your property has to offer.

Lunar Concrete works with homeowners all throughout the greater Indianapolis area. Right from the beginning, we’re here to help our clients identify what really matters most for their new designs. Our close attention to detailed and experienced crew will help ensure that your project shines.


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