Residential Concrete—Now with Landscape Finishing!

Taking pride in your home isn’t just about the curb appeal in the front yard. We want to think of the views from every angle because that maximizes your property’s potential. That’s why Lunar Concrete is proud to offer add-on landscaping services with our decorative concrete projects.

When you’re already thinking of upgrading your outdoor living area with concrete patios, don’t forget about all of the finishing touches. Working with a single team helps you streamline your backyard renovations. Let our experienced crew help you map out the plans, pour the concrete, and then top everything off with new landscaping.


Where Landscaping Meets Concrete

Good design work pays attention to every detail. Every time we start a new project, we make sure to consider the aesthetics of the home as a whole. The concrete features need to complement the features that are already part of your property. The same is true for your backyard landscaping. It should elevate how you feel about the best parts of your home, not compete with them.

Adding in a few shrubs, flowers, mulch or stone can create a more natural transition from your patio to the rest of your backyard. And when you have a nice view, you’ll usually find yourself spending even more time outside. If you’re going to get the job done right—have it done all at once. We can help you finish the project with fresh landscaping.


Enjoy Your Concrete Patio Even More

With landscaping, every little bit counts. It doesn’t take much to transform your backyard living area, and putting in new plants is great both for the short-term and the long-term. You’ll have a different experience for lounging outside as soon as your flowers and shrubs are in the ground. Plus, you can watch them grow over the years and track how they make an even bigger impact for improving your home’s backdrop.

For example, some homeowners like to incorporate arborvitaes with their landscaping in order to have a little more privacy. Planting these evergreens in a row is an easy way to combine functionality with style. After all, you want your landscaping project to make sense for how you enjoy your space. Then for the aesthetics, all you really need to do is choose two or three different types of plants. There are endless possibilities for finding a combination that suits your personal tastes.


Get the Total Package with Lunar Concrete

We start with the big picture, and then we drill down to analyze all of the little details that need to come together to make your concrete patio really be one-of-a-kind. It’s all about reaching the best possible final result.

First, we review your property to find the right dimensions for your patio. Then we can talk through your options with colored concrete, stamped concrete, and other unique features, like an outdoor fire pit. Once that’s decided, we’ll have a better direction for your landscaping.

If you’re trusting us with your residential concrete work, you can count on our team for your landscape installations too. We follow the entire lifespan of the project, and that means it’s easy for us to coordinate with you and stay on track. Communication is everything for these types of home improvements and investments. We’ll help you every step of the way, so you can start enjoying your new outdoor space with the ones you love!